I Used One Simple Trick to Change My Team’s Behaviour!

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I Used One Simple Trick to Change My Team’s Behaviour!

I was in deep trouble!!! Revenues were dipping and I could hardly afford salaries. Missing deadlines, constant firefighting, frequent conflicts, falling profits – it was a mess. No matter how hard I tried – training sessions, motivational speeches – it just wasn’t working.

According to Gallup, unmotivated employees cost companies billions each year! This stat hit me hard. I knew I had to do something. What I discovered wasn’t just a solution, it was a game-changer for my team’s motivation.
Want to know my secret? – Read on …



One day, I was reading a book on the Power of Persuasion. According to it, changing behaviours is very hard. However, there is one way to do it. To explain this the author talked about elephantiasis, a widespread disease in Africa. The cure was pretty simple, they only had to use a cloth to filter the water before drinking it. Despite serious efforts to get people to do this simple thing, the disease persisted. So they created an interesting TV drama series where they showcased a family suffering from this disease and how they overcame it using a simple cure.

The result? The cases dropped by a staggering 88% in just six months!

I was eager to learn more so I started digging deeper.


I came across another intriguing tale. In 2009, Rob and Joshua bought 200 useless junk items for $129 from Ebay like a small horse head for $0.99, a plastic banana, an old wooden mallet, etc. They roped in 200 volunteer authors to write a descriptive story for each object. Later, they auctioned these items on eBay along with these stories in the description.

Can you guess what happened next?

They sold this horse head for a whopping $62.95! Similarly, they ended up selling all these items for almost $8000 which is more than 6300%! All thanks to the stories behind this junk which transformed these objects into valuable things. 

I was completely shocked to know the amazing power of this tool.



As Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” I knew I had to build a storytelling culture in my company. I realised that within my company, a culture of connection was missing.

As a business owner it’s practically impossible to meet everyone daily, but stories hold the power to connect us. I started by sharing stories that aligned with our company’s core values during special occasions like Holi and Diwali but soon I realised this wasn’t effective as there was no consistency. So, I started by posting impactful stories on Youtube and created a dedicated WhatsApp community too.


But why do these simple tales hold so much power? Let me explain with a simple instance:

A few days ago, I went to the bank to draw some cash. The cashier mistakenly gave me 30,000 extra cash. I got really excited but soon my conscience started troubling me. I was in such a dilemma, whether to keep it or return it. The thought kept me up all night, I just couldn’t decide. You know what happened the next day ?

Waiting for the answer?

This creates a cliffhanger, which triggers the release of dopamine in your brain. Stories use these chemicals in our brain like Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Adrenaline to connect with us on a deeper level.

Storytelling isn’t just a fancy tactic – it’s a necessary skill for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders who wish to distinguish themselves. Unfortunately a lot of us don’t leverage its power. As a leader, you have a lot of experience and hence a lot of valuable stories. Start finding inspiration in the smallest things because everything has a story to tell. Ensure that you and your team make the most of it!


I’ve been following this religiously for 2 years now! I was absolutely amazed by the transformation it had on my team! Within just 1 week, I noticed a 70% shift in my team’s performance and results. My team’s engagement soared, motivation skyrocketed, and our purpose became clear. All those business problems started disappearing! Even my students got inspired by my approach and saw similar success in their teams.


As I continue to weave stories into the fabric of my business, I invite you to do the same. I’ve made this a part of my daily routine, and I urge you to do the same. To become an effective leader, an entrepreneur must master the art of storytelling. Some stories I feel a founder must tell are the Founding Story, Vision Story, Company Values Story and Leadership Story.

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Remember- facts tell, but stories sell! Start crafting your story today!

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