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Most business owners struggle to get even small tasks done properly. This constant firefighting takes away valuable time from really important activities like Sales, Alliances & Innovation. By using the right technology they can automate their routine operations and focus on their growth. The idea behind launching Tech Audit is to assess your systems, identify the top problems and technology that can permanently solve those problems and put your business on Auto-pilot.
Engage in a 1-2-1 discussion with our experts to identify the problems and the right Technology to solve them and take your business to next level.

Why Go For Our Tech Audit?


We'll show you department-wise processes and identify several major issues, which may prevent the company from reaching its goals.


Identify potential issues, risks and challenges quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity & saving you time and effort.


We'll do a detailed evaluation of all the technology & processes you are using and how to increase their efficiency.


Build your team's understanding and expertise to run systems effectively and solve problems efficiently


After the Audit, you will get a detailed report on current state of your business systems & how to transform them.


Our experts will present all the possible technology & solutions that can be useful for your business.


Rs. 3950 (+gst) FREE for a limited period!

What happens after tech audit


During the audit, our experts will have a detailed discussion with you regarding the current situation of all the business processes and pain areas. Our team will evaluate the current situation at your end and help you understand where you stand.


We will help you to identify all important gaps and establish a roadmap to transform your business and take it to the next level using the right Technology .

Complete Business Process Analysis

Get Detailed Audit Report\Summary

100% Working Tech-Oriented Solutions

Charges adjusted if enrolled in our Tech Programs


Rs. 3950 (+gst) FREE for a limited period!

Our Clients

What Our Clients Saying?

We have implemented all the learning in these sessions until Alumni 16, and trust me since 4 months I have visited my unit for 4 times only. Not only that, the best part is that we are getting all the reports from every department every evening. Your support is so amazing that I would like to thank you and your team as well. Trust me 90% of the pain which was troubling last year has been resolved by your technology sessions.

Nitin Seksaria MD, Volex Products

I found major points for my sales automation today!! Initially I felt it was a repetition what we did recently so wanted to leave but I am glad i stayed on else would have missed very valuable points. 3 main things.. firstly 2 companies representative have responded which were silent since a long time, secondly, 3 companies now gave the contact of the person who will release the payment, till now they were just ignoring our calls and messages, thirdly, regular payments have started coming on time!! Iguess the magic is the consistency due to triggers, the formal written communication and what's app and email both happening simultaneously and regularly. More power to you and your entire team

Tina Mittal MD, Nova Formworks

The systems you have developed are really appreciable and the efforts put up by your team is commendable. Our production system is very complicated and very challenging. The sheets your team has designed and implemented successfully are not just sheets but system portals. The data it holds is the exact extract of our production system. Thad some doubts but it turned out to be beyond my expectations and that too in a short duration

Ashok Kumar MD, Aludecor Laminations

I would like to extend a special thanks to Sanjeev ji and his team for their amazing support in a one to one implementation session held today.. They have great clarity on concepts and amazing zeal to listen and resolve... Looking forward to a exciting implementation journey with the whole team in coming year.

Shobhit Gupta Tejas LED Lighting

“A Milestone Day In My Life And My Business” I took stage virtually - in front of a global audience of 400+ people from 39 countries. It has positioned me as an Industry Leader, overnight. The entire event was made possible by your Advanced Message Scheduler Sheets. We initiated the idea on 16th June and we pulled everything together- with your team's support and unwavering commitment- in 8 days. Something like this has never happened in our industry. During the webinar today, your entire team rallied behind me to make this forum an Outstanding Success. Thank You!

Nishant Garg MD, Gem Machinery & Allied Industries

A huge thank you for Sanjeev sir and team for creating and sharing Whatsapp Automation Tools. We have implemented this tool for various workflows and they are working like magic and everyone are able to get updates without anyone asking for it ... You have eased so many things in my business. Thank you!!

Priyanath Rachamadugu

The sheets and systems you developed for us like the process-fracking sheet and task-management sheet which we have been using for a long time is like our lifelines, like a backbone for our business. These sheets solved 50% of my problems. The payment reminder sheet also helped us a lot. You helped us set up a proper ecosystem and I would really like to thank you for that.

Kunal Grover MD, Groovy Communications

I have been here with Sanjeev Sir for 3 and a half years, it has been an amazing journey and it's a continuous learning process. Also the tech support is very easy and comfortable. I recommend it to everyone. In the beginning it was a bit of a challenge but as and when you start implementing one thing, and find a solution for other things. So it's just about taking one step at a time, and it's very easy to implement. You just need to start once.

Sunil Aggarwal MD, Krona Liquatec Ltd.