Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a wide array of technology-enabled services & training to help you automate your business processes and scale up your business. These services are applicable for any industry/domain for all the departments.

Our support system provides end-to-end support and guidance to tackle any challenges you may face while or after implementing our technology in your business processes.

Yes, we have various programs for different departments and processes.

You can check them out here:

  • If you are able to use a smartphone, then you can do our workshops. No technical knowledge is required.

Our team will first understand your requirements, define the processes you need to be implemented and then, walk you through the basics. Once the training starts, you and your team will be trained to implement the technology and how to use it. Our team will provide hand-holding sessions to help you implement each process step by step. The systems implemented will be tested and verified before you start using them.

Yes. Depending on your requirements and existing software, our team will guide you and integrate our technology with your systems. However, it may not be applicable to all 3rd party applications.

Yes. We have domain and department-specific solutions like FMS, PMS, GWS, HRMS, and more.

Yes. We can provide initial visits upon necessity, and availability of resources.

Unlike other business/motivation coaches who only provide business hacks and knowledge training sessions, our services consist of training, hand-holding, and implementation of technology in your business backed by our powerful support system. In short, we provide the methodology and the technology.

Our technology is developed under the open-source systems provided by Google. Our technology is secured and protected by Google.

If you are a business owner, we have some specially crafted sessions for you under our Tech Mastery Advanced Program. Other department-oriented workshops are for your team.

We provide training and the technology to implement it in your business.

If you go for our Tech Mastery Advanced Program, the basic setup and training will take about 3 months. It will take another 9 months to completely automate your business processes.

We provide services to cater for any industry of any size. Our team will guide you to choose the right program depending on your needs and business size.

Yes. We provide Tech Assist Services as well. Under this service, we will help you find the right talent (DME/MIS). These resources are vetted and tested by our experts to ensure they have the right knowledge to help you manage your systems and processes.

Yes. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your concern. Our team will provide you with references if available within your industry/domain.